I am a filmmaker based in the buzzling Rhine-Main area.

As a filmmaker I like to wear many hats. I gained excellent knowledge as a cinematographer with a variety of grip gear. Shooting with small crews gave me the possibility to collect a profound knowledge of on-set sound, lighting and working with talents. Operating an FS7 with prime lenses and mixing the sound from four lav-mics at the same time won’t scare me off.
The biggest project I am a part of is “Fashion Reimagined,” a feature documentary about sustainable fashion where my roles are Director of Photography and Edit Assistant.

My passion is deeply based in video editing and the post-production. 
Always looking for the core of the narration, I am focused on delivering a result that honours
the craft of every department involved but puts the story and emotion first. As a film shouldn’t be dictated by software I use a broad range of NLEs,
involving excellent knowledge in Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve as well as Avid Media Composer.
 To round up my expertise I have a professional knowledge of After Effects in the topics of motion design, compositing, image manipulation, and animation.
I was able to pass on my knowledge to fellow editors, TV presenters and groups of international students in the role as a consultant & teacher for digital filmmaking.
The last 7 years I lived in London and collected experience in working with and leading international teams. Before I went freelancing I worked full-time as the Head of Post-Production for DUCK productions. I learned what it means to deliver outstanding content on a tight deadline, improving workflows and keeping a calm demeanour while juggling multiple creative teams during stressful events like “The Fashion Awards” or “London Fashion Week”.
Besides a stressful and creatively satisfying life I’ve never stopped educating myself about film, media, culture and recently started to sharpen my skills in the Unreal game engine and I am the co-founder of mogwAIntelligence a business dedicated to iOS app development.